Vincent Bear



Vincent was born in the Derby area and spent his childhood at Napier Station, later moving to Kimberley Downs station. He has vivid memories of station life and thinks of this as a time when Lore was strong among the resident station families. He went on to work as a stockman. Upon moving to the Mowanjum Community as a young man, he achieved both his bus and helicopter licence.

Vincent paints watercolour landscapes of the Kimberley, emulating the work of Albert Namatjira, whom he was inspired by as a teenager. He paints these landscapes from photographs and memories of his experiences as a stockman. He continues to develop new watercolour techniques.

Desert River Sea: Kimberley Art Then and Now, an Indigenous visual arts initiative developed by the Art Gallery of Western Australia, recently featured Vincent's work and story as their artist's spotlight. Read more at the link below.