Rona Charles

Born: 1969

Clan: Willinggin / Nyikina

Rona Charles is an artist, ranger and conservation consultant based in the Yumurlun (Pandanus Park) Community near Mowanjum.

She is a community leader, teaching young people traditional Junba dance and stories, as well as how these practices relate to country. Rona is a research assistant to Dr Sally Treloyn on the Australian Research Council funded project investigating "Strategies for Preserving and Sustaining Aboriginal Song and Dance in the Modern World" (2009). She presented on this project at the 2013 Foundation for Endangered Languages Conference at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada.

Rona's painting is informed by her field and research work. Painting only with ornmul (ochre) her painting style is reminiscent of the textures of her ancestors cave paintings.