Marylou Divilli

Born: 1987

Clan: Nyikina / Ngarinyin

Marylou Divilli identifies as both Nyikina and Ngarinyin, both from her mother’s side. She lives at the Yurmulun (Pandanus Park) Community located on the Fitzroy River, south of Derby. Her central reason for creating art is to continue to learn more about her culture and as a means to explore and represent her identity. She is inspired by the older artists and community members who tell stories and sing traditional songs.

Marylou exhibits both painting and photography, and has more recently been exploring printmaking. When painting, she prefers to use ochre over acrylic, as she loves the earthy colours of pigments and the effects they produce when mixed together. She paints mostly animals, such as possums and her totem animal, the saltwater barramundi. However, she also enjoys painting stories and sharing her family culture.